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Suffolk’s Independent Financial Advisers. We specialise in providing financial planning and wealth management services to:


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We turn business owner’s profits into their personal financial freedom…

Our IFA service to Suffolk and Norfolk residents offers independent financial planning and wealth management advice designed specifically for business owners. We’ll discuss your financial goals, available funds and provide you with a bespoke Financial Freedom Map, detailing a year by year guide to reaching your goals.

We’ll also show you how to extract money from your business in the most tax efficient way.


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We help people plan for their retirement…

We provide pre-retirement pension and investment advice to people living in Suffolk and Norfolk as well as helping those from neighbouring counties plan their retirement. We’ll discuss your financial goals and available funds before establishing when you will be financially ready to retire with the right level of income for your preferred way of life.

We’ll also show you how to use your wealth in the most tax efficient way.


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We help people enjoy their retirement with peace of mind and money that works…

Our IFA service simplifies the post-retirement review process, meaning you can retire safe in the knowledge that your money will work for you. We’ll discuss your available funds and their current returns before providing you with sound advice with regards to Getting MoreTM, focusing on tax efficient routes and ongoing reviews..

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  • Brexit - Impact on financial markets ahead of the EU referendum. With an increasing focus on ‘Brexit’, what is the likely impact on financial markets ahead of the referendum scheduled for Thursday 23 June? The nature of investment is long term. Constantly making changes to take into account short-term events often proves to be counterproductive in the long term. Movements in currencies ...
  • New tax on dividends - How will the headline rates of dividend tax affect your finances? On Wednesday 8 July last year, the Chancellor, George Osborne, delivered his Summer Budget. One of the biggest changes announced was how dividends will be taxed from April 2016, known as the ‘Dividend Allowance’. The changes will have an impact on limited company freelancers, contractors and small businesses that ...
  • Pensions – Lower annual contribution allowances - Lower annual pension allowances for some! The Finance Bill 2015 introduces a tapered reduction in the annual allowance from April 2016, for those with an adjusted income of over £150,000. The ‘adjusted income’ definition addsback the amount of any pension contributions made, by the employer or employee, in order to prevent individuals from avoiding the new restriction by exchanging salary ...

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